IMCVD Veterinary Dentistry Course

The IMCVD course will provide basic and advanced training in dentistry to give you confidence in the theory and practice of veterinary dentistry.

This IMCVD course covers the veterinary dentistry topics:

  1. Introduction to Dentistry: Anatomy and Oral Examination
  2. Marketing Veterinary Dentistry and the Business of Veterinary Dentistry
  3. Periodontal disease, Aetiology, Pathogenesis, Scaling/Polishing
  4. Periodontal Disease: Open and Closed Root Planing, Periodontal Flaps, Homecare
  5. Oral Surgery 1: Simple Extractions of Canine teeth
  6. Oral Surgery 2: Difficult Extractions, Complications, Repair of Oro-nasal Fistulas in dogs
  7. Local Anaesthetics
  8. Radiology
  9. Pocket Pets: Rabbits
  10. Exotics: Zoo Dentistry
  11. Emergency Dentistry: The initial treatments of trauma to the tooth: periodontal and endodontic treatments: Direct Pulp Capping
  12. Feline Dentistry: Radiology and Extractions
  13. Feline Dentistry: Inflammatory diseases
  14. Endodontics: Root Canal Therapy
  15. Pedodontics: Puppy and Kitten Dentistry
  16. Oral Surgery 3: Oral Tumours
  17. Oral Surgery 4: Fracture Repair
  18. Implants
  19. Orthodontics
  20. Prosthodontics: Restorations and Crowns

The course is focused on virtual presentations, live and pre-recorded webinars, practical videos, pictures and case studies we will ensure you have the knowledge to tackle dental problems and conditions as they present on a day-to-day within your clinic. All education, including presentations and notes, case studies and question/answer sessions will be provided in English and translated to Chinese.

The first presentation will cover Anatomy and Oral Examination, and a deep discussion on the topics to be covered, what each student expects and wishes to get out of the course and the order of the presentations to benefit the student. An explanation of the course requirements: numbers of cases needed in each topic, the case reports, examination, and times of presentations and case discussions. The course will be presented at an international standard in line with the American and European Veterinary Dental Colleges, but has no affiliation with either College.

During the course, travel to Dr Clarke’s clinic and other veterinary clinics in Australia will be available (once COVID-19 international travel restrictions are eased), as well as an invitation to attend the American Veterinary Dental Forum in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. A practical workshop will be available once international travel commences either in Shanghai or Hong Kong at the City University of Hong Kong, Veterinary School. At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and practical skills to perform the majority dentistry in small animal practice, and receive a certificate of successful completion as a KOL dentist, 

Presentations will be given on the 1st Tuesday of each month starting on August 3rd 2021 from 8:30am – 12.30pm. No lecture will be given in November 2021, March 2022, July 2022. February 2022 will be held on 22nd. Lecture notes for each topic will be available on the website in English and Chinese. A Case study and question/answer session will be available each month for attendees to discuss clinical cases they are treating during the month at a time to be determined.

Each participant will be provided with a unique course username and password. Each topic will be examined and requires successful pass of a multi-choice questionnaire, a case study question and videos of the work performed. Each topic must be passed to receive the Certificate.