Introductory Veterinary Dentistry Course

Training to improve your dentistry knowledge.

The dental course covers four 2 day presentations:

Class 1: August 31st / September 1st
Class 2: 26th – 27th October
Class 3: 4th – 5th January 2022
Class 4: 1st – 2nd March 2022

Class 1:

Oral Examination of the Oral Cavity – What is normal

Periodontal disease – COHAT, Assessment and Dental Charting

Basic Extraction Techniques – Aetiology and Principles

Local Anaesthesia – Nerve Blocks

Class 2:

Setting up a dental Practice – Equipment and Instruments Feline Dentistry – Tooth Resorptions and Extractions, Stomatitis

Advanced periodontal disease – Root planing and homecare

Radiology – Techniques and Interpretation

Class 3:


Difficult Extractions and Oro-nasal fistula repair

Jaw fractures – mandibular fracture repair

Juvenile Dentistry

Class 4:

Emergency Dentistry – Endodontics – Direct pulp capping


This course is focused on virtual presentations, live and pre-recorded webinars, practical examples, videos, pictures and case studies to ensure you have the knowledge to tackle dental problems and conditions as they present on a day-to-day within your clinic. Lecture
notes for each topic will be available on the website. All education will be provided in English and translated to Chinese. A virtual practical workshop will be conducted on the afternoon of each training session.

At the end of the course, you will have knowledge and practical skills to perform better dentistry in your clinic. as well as receive a certificate of successful completion.

Each participant will be provided with a unique course username and password. Each topic will be examined and requires successful pass of a multi-choice questionnaire, a case study question and videos of
the work performed. Each topic must be passed to receive the Certificate.